Property Management

Skye Realty & Rentals, Inc. manages several different types of real estate. We have overnight rentals, long-term rentals and storage buildings.

For our long term rentals, we charge 10% of the gross rent as the management fee. We are ALWAYS in need of more long term rentals. So many families have been displaced because of the mortgage crisis it has created an overwhelming need for more housing.

Our overnight rentals are selective and have special amenities to draw the vacationer. They are typically 20% below average rental price for the same unit in the cabin market. We look exclusively for cabins that have a water amenity or are large enough for church or family groups or have a fabulous view. Skye Realty wants to provide the best of the best at the absolute BEST price. Our goal is repeat business.

The storage building is on Sims Road in Sevierville. Approximate sizes (4) 5×5; (2) 12×16 and (17) 12×12. The drive is easy access for loading and unloading. Call the office for pricing.

All of our applications and contracts are under the “Forms” tab on our homepage.

Owner Notes on insurance and expenses:

The security deposits are put into a non-interest bearing account per TN state law. Our company is insured for corporate liability and property management through brokers Errors and Omissions Insurance. Our owners are required to add Skye Realty & Rentals, Inc. as “additional insured” on their property insurance. We manage all of the pest control, cleaning, rental contracts and employment checks, yard maintenance and repairs up to $250. Any repair over $250 requires owner approval.